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BRXTN gears up to release his fourth studio EP entitled "48HRSNLA". This project was inspired and influenced by BRXTN's latest experiences traveling out West to not only network and grow his brand but also to fulfill his hunger for a new outlook and perspective on things. The Louisville crooner and emcee uses this 7-track compilation to reflect on his past romances, failures as a son, struggles as a college student, as well as providing insight on his personal life and thoughts as a young man in an evolving society. 

"I went out to Los Angeles with one thing on my mind...that was too simply to get connected with other serious creatives that were passionate about their craft and expose my talent to new people. During my trip I was blessed enough to link up with a very talented audio engineer by the name of Alec King who works with a team of talented artists and producers at RNBass Studios in North Hollywood, CA. It was surreal to go from being the local kid in my city of Louisville to being in the same studio and in the same rooms as household names like G-Eazy, Omarion, Tinashe, and a few others.

I was in the lab with my team and Alec for literally damn near 48 hours during this trip...I went out West with a lot on my mind and honestly little to no music written or prepared. All I had was a flash drive full of beats and my laptop so I wasn't sure if I was gonna have to just improvise and make sh*t work or if God was gonna deliver and allow me to really translate my thoughts onto the records in a way that made sense to me and that would make sense for my listeners.

It didn't take long for Alec and I to find our chemistry and before I really knew it, we had the first record finished, then the second, then the third and so on so forth. It was so refreshing to be in a new element, a new atmosphere, a new location where I knew there was real hope and potential opportunity for the art I was creating.

48 hours later I found myself sitting on the leather couch in studio 6 at RNBass listening to the playback on the flurry of music I had just recorded. As Alec put the final touches on the track mixes I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with excitement. For the first time in my long journey toward being an artist that I felt like I was really doing it! I'm really out here in Los Angeles...no kids, college educated, empowered and doing what I love in the process. I felt like I had finally gotten a taste of true happiness, true self-fulfillment and satisfaction and that's a feeling that I believe everyone deserves to experience in life.

So as I conclude my excerpt I just want to tell all of my supporters, friends and family know that your dreams are waiting for you! Life is too short to sit around contemplating possibilities and trying to calculate the odds. If you want something, it's gonna come with some sacrifice, some stress, blood, sweat and tears and a little bit more of the same once you obtain whatever your in pursuit of. So never let fear or the thought of failure impede you. Embrace it and go and take what's yours!

Big thank you to my team at BTRU Entertainment and all of the guys at RNBass for making all of this possible for me. I can't wait to share this project with you guys and tell you all about my 48HRSNLA."


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