High-Rise Music: The Sound of The Come-Up

" I created this project with one intention in mind. That intention was to simply make a body of work that I personally enjoy. As selfish as that may sound, this one is for me and my team. I've been putting in a lot of work to make a name for myself in the game and this project serves as the soundtrack to everything I've been living through or feeling over the last 7 months preceding the release of my debut EP For Now.

The For Now EP was a project crafted to please listeners everywhere, and I believe I succeeded in doing so. But like I said, this project releasing 6-16-16 is for me and the people that have been grinding with me, investing their time and effort to make our dreams a reality. I didn't aim to please anyone but the my core fans and the my day-ones with this one. This is for the people who've been holding me down since before I realized my own potential. I appreciate you all, and I even appreciate the people that doubted and hated. As cliche' as it seems, you really were inspiration and fuel to flame to really go hard with this music shit. 

It's been a long, slow and tedious grind when it's come to my pursuit of a career in music and making it a lifestyle. A grind that comes with way more losses than it does wins at times. I sit back all the time and think about the time I've spent for the past 5 years perfecting my craft and developing a vision, and all I can say is that I'm doing everything I said I would when I made the commitment to myself in 2011 to do WHATEVER it takes to provide a better way for my family and to do so through music. But that's all I can say for now, I hope when it releases you all enjoy the concise and introspective look into my zone, my journey, and my world. 'Cause you best believe we going' up. 

This is High-Rise Music. The Sound of The Come-Up."


Photography by Roman Lane