Tease Official Cover.jpg

Without further ado, I present my latest project to date called 'Tease'. The 10 track project was inspired by the people who have entered in to my life, the things I long for and an update on my relationship status, but also life status. In my music all I can and will ever do is vent. I use music to vent about the injustices I have endured, the people I loved and the places I still wish to go. This project embodies all of the stresses I have endured along with the successes I have endured. From track one 'No L's", you'd be surprised to hear the song speak on the fact that I will always be humble enough to let people no about my shortcomings and mishaps, just so they can avoid it or maybe I can somehow help them get through it. Some people say music is music... Like its just a combination of sounds. To me... music is more.